Culture, Quantified.

Values, norms, attitudes, and beliefs.

Collectively, these unseen forces shape behaviors that impact your bottom line. We make them visible, so you can control for them. We’re a tech company whose platform captures cultural data and correlates it to performance. Our image-based tools reveal, empirically, how your employees think and feel about other people. Our analytics make clear how to harness those collective attitudes to drive your revenue and growth objectives.

Because what you can measure, you can change.

We Measure What Matters


Openness. Empathy. Psychological safety.

Lots of folks think these are qualities you need to cultivate in your workforce. They may be. But as data scientists, we’re agnostic. To us, the qualities you want to cultivate are the ones that measurably advance your business objectives. An optimal culture is one where people meet or exceed their performance goals in a sustainable way.

And because what’s optimal keeps changing, we’ve designed our metrics and reporting mechanisms to keep pace. Our platform continuously captures, correlates, and tracks all your culture data so that you can align employee attitudes to business objectives across:


  • Project Teams
  • Functional Units
  • Organizational Divisions
  • Business Enterprises

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Turn Culture into Competitive Advantage



Attitudes affect outcomes. Learn why some teams innovate and others argue; why one group closes on deals while another continues to circle; why the San Diego facility consistently delivers while the St. Louis operation keeps dropping orders.



Product defects. Misguided marketing campaigns. Unhappy customers. Quality suffers when workers feel excluded or undervalued. Find out where low levels of psychological safety are sabotaging your standards.



Where is culture a liability? Discover how group norms and attitudes affect the number of HR grievances filed, insurance claims made, plant injuries sustained, and lawsuits initiated.



Unpack the cultural makeup of your high-performing teams in sales, customer service, R&D, and marketing so you can scale their winning formula to improve resource utilization, boost brand recognition, and grow market share.

Our Cloud-based Solutions



Developing your people is a top priority. So is containing your costs. Insights from our metrics deliver on both.

Our core analysis shows you by band, tenure, and census data which groups could most benefit from cultural development, and where ongoing programmatic support is most likely to pay off. For an additional fee, we can reveal developmental gaps by office, geography, or work habits. The larger your cohort, the richer the census data we provide—allowing you to deploy development and support by demographic category.

Employees targeted for training are then seamlessly connected, via our integrated platform, to your LMS, corporate university, external partners, or on-demand content. Post-training, they can access our diagnostics for a follow-up assessment, allowing you to see their collective progress and benchmark it against their industry peers. And because test results and recommendations are personal and private at the individual level, employees are empowered to take charge of their own ongoing development.

Our ecosystem puts all cultural data—EEOC-compliant census, g-dii test scores, engagement survey results, external indices—at your fingertips, standardized to work with your HRIS, so that you can invest human resources confident of the dividends.



Productivity. Quality. Safety. Profitability. In every outcome you measure, culture plays a significant role. But what is it?

That’s vital intel we can provide. With our vertical analysis of your workforce—by function, facility, division, unit, or enterprise—you’ll learn not only what your culture is, but also how it collectively impacts performance, however you measure it. Dynamic reporting over time reveals, on our platform, which attitudes and beliefs are predictive of success; where an inclination to be judgmental lowers risk; and how inclusion correlates to employee engagement, innovation, customer satisfaction, and increased revenues.

Most importantly, our correlations produce standard metrics, so you can benchmark your results against your competitors’, or assess an acquisition for cultural compatibility, even if the underlying KPIs aren’t the same.

Populated by these insights, our dashboard confers a crucial edge to decision-makers. You’ll be able to align your people to the goals they’re culturally equipped to drive—and harness their culture “smarts” to win clients and customers, attract and retain top talent, and grow market share. 

The Humans Behind the Insights

g-dii was created by a demographically diverse set of leaders who know from decades of experience just how intensively – if invisibly – an organization’s dominant culture can accelerate – or suppress – business growth. While each of us bring distinct skills and a unique perspective, we’re united by our belief that cultural transformation begins with empirical insight.

Management Team


CEO & Co-Founder


PhD – Chief Science Officer


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SVP, Marketing & Product Research


JD, Data & Security Officer


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Human Capital Exec. & Leadership Coach


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