Melinda Marshall has 25 years’ experience bringing powerful ideas into the public realm as a social scientist, author, journalist, and researcher. As EVP and Director of Publications at the Center for Talent Innovation, a Manhattan-based think tank, she led the Center’s research on innovation, inclusive leadership, sponsorship, and women’s ambition. With Tai Wingfield, in 2016 she coordinated a community of more than 70 chief diversity officers and Fortune 500 talent specialists to share best practices (and adopt new ones) around easing racial tension at work, and to invest in research that culminated in the 2017 report, “Easing Racial Tension at Work.” With Kenji Yoshino, legal scholar and NYU law professor, she helped bring to Davos in 2016 the Center’s flagship report, “Out in the World: Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace.”

In 2015, she led a ten-market study of the competencies that emerging leaders need to become global executives, with data-driven insight on why multinationals continue to overlook and underutilize local talent in their global footprint. In addition to co-authoring numerous blogs on women, race, and ambition, Melinda has co-authored, with Wingfield, the book, Ambition in Black and White: The Feminist Narrative, Revised; articles on innovation and sponsorship for the Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review; and reports for CTI, including the ground-breaking study, “Innovation, Diversity and Market Growth,” as well as “Women Want Five Things,” and “Sponsor Effect 2.0: Road Maps for Sponsors and Protégés.”

A seasoned journalist and editor, her experience ranges from wire service reporting to a seven-year stint as monthly humor columnist for Ladies Home Journal. She has published eleven books in collaboration, and is the author of the award-winning Good Enough Mothers: Changing Expectations for Ourselves. Her articles have appeared in 18 national magazines, including the Harvard Business Review, Parenting, Reader’s Digest, and the New York Times. A magna cum laude graduate of Duke University, Melinda earned her Master’s in Human Rights Studies at Columbia University in 2012.