Organizational performance never comes down to one individual. When performance is lagging, it’s the team dynamic that needs a tweak.

That’s why g-dii paints the big picture: we capture data from individuals but then aggregate it into 99%-de-identified portrais of groups that share a performance goal. You’ll see which dynamics drive success. You’ll see which group dynamics deserve to be replicated. And underperforming teams will have the insight they need to improve their collective dynamic.


Research shows that diverse teams with inclusive leaders outperform homogeneous teams. What research cannot tell you, however, is the mix of inherent and acquired diversity that’s optimal for any given team—and how that mix might differ depending on the group’s goal.

That’s where g-dii provides answers. We hold no preconceived notions of what constitutes a strong culture at your organization. Our tools simply identify it by surfacing the mix of attitudes, backgrounds, and beliefs that drives key results and delivers on core objectives.


Culture cannot be factored into financials unless it’s a validated metric. That’s where g-dii stands out from the crowd: our psychometrics convert the “soft” stuff—attitudes, feelings, perceptions—into hard data that can inform forecasts and refine projections.

g-dii delivers comparative metrics as granular as the KPI’s you collect and furnish. You sort the cohort we evaluate into groups who are Exceeding, Meeting, or Not Meeting a chosen objective, and we gauge the group’s degree of alignment to that objective—along with its social, cultural, and structural characteristics.

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